Our Pastor is a Master!!!

602913_10202693355643058_717275264_nIf you where at church this past Sunday then you would know that our pastor as recently become a Master. By this we mean that he has completed this Master in Theology and we thought it was about time we celebrated. Pastor Davis Holt has been working really hard to study and learn everything that he can in order to equip us the the best and accurate knowledge.

This past Sunday was the conclusion of his study of his Master of Theology. With a word provided to us by Rev. Dr Denis Plant it was then time for the graduation ceremony. With his brother there for support, Pastor David gave a tearful speech dedicating his degree to his father saying “My father wasn’t very schooled, matter of fact i think he dropped out of primary school? but this is for him”, which also had most in the crowed in tears. All in all it was a fun and happy occasion with lunch afterwards.

We at Living Hope are very proud of our Pastor and wish him good luck with trying to teach us what he has learned over his study.

Congratulations Pastor David Holt!!!


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