Our Power in God (Part 1)

self-control.jpg.crop_displayOne of the great blessings of being a child of God is to know not only our position in Christ but also the power of God that is at our disposal.

This power is the same power that raised Christ from the dead and seated Christ at the right hand of God, and this power is ours!

Ephesians 1:16-20

 When we read this prayer of Paul’s we notice three things:

1) Paul did not ask for God to give them power

2) He prayed they may know the greatness of God’s power in the heavenlies

3) That this power was already their possession and their entitlement

But what is this power and where did it come from?

Paul tells us two things about this power. He tells us that it is:

1)      Immeasurable – Christian’s should not fear that this power is insufficient or inadequate to meet any need or difficulty that should arise

2)      According to  - The NKJV tells us that His power is “according to the working of His mighty power”. This means that His power is according to a great demonstration of the might of God.

The power available to each Christian is “according to the working of the limitless strength that God demonstrated in raising Christ from the dead”

So, that extraordinary strength, that immeasurable power that we own as our possession and entitlement in the heavenlies, is the same in character, force and effect as that which freed the crucified Christ from the bonds of death and raised Him in glory to the heavenlies, and it is available to you and me as children of the Living God!

Have a ‘God’ day

Pastor David Holt (MTh)

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