Our Power in God (Part 2)

self-control.jpg.crop_displayIn talking about this power of God that we have as a result of being His children, how then does this power, which is available to us today, compare with the power of God in the Old Testament?

1)      Israel’s exodus from Egypt:

Before Christ’s resurrection, if the people wanted to demonstrate God’s power they would remind themselves of Israel’s exodus from Egypt. The measure of divine ability in the Old Testament was “according to” Israel’s deliverance from Egypt. God used Moses’ staff in order to demonstrate His power, whether turning his staff into a snake, bringing a plague, dividing the Red Sea, bringing water from a rock, etc, God’s power was demonstrated through these amazing events.

2)      Christ’s resurrection and ascension:

This is the new standard of demonstrating God’s power today, the resurrection and ascension of Christ from the grave to the heavenlies. There is no greater example of God’s immeasurable and incomparable power than this. The manifestation of God’s power in the former time was great but now it is immeasurably great and with no comparison!

If that is the comparison, then what is the contrast of effectiveness between the old and the new:

a)      The first or old was a physical deliverance from temporal bondage; the second or new is a spiritual freedom from eternal death.

b)      The first gave national freedom, the second created salvation for the entire human race

c)      The first offered Israel an earthly inheritance and national wealth, the second opened to all who believe the unlimited storehouse of God’s power for salvation and an eternal kingdom in the heavenies.

Today, we live in an unprecedented time of the limitless power of God that is available to all who believe. This power is not temporal like the demonstration of God’s power in the Old Testament but is eternal. This week, instead of struggling with our circumstances, situations and problems, let us realise God’s immeasurable and incomparable power that God has given to all of us who believe and allow God to work in our lives and provide a miracle!


Have a ‘God’ day

Pastor David Holt (MTh)

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