Our Power in God (Part 4)

self-control.jpg.crop_displayOver the past few weeks we have been talking about our position in God and primarily about our power in God (see previous blogs). However, in talking about the power of God, where do we find the location of this power? Put simply it is located in heaven, supervised by Christ. As we have said before, this power is not just for anyone but only for those who believe Ephesians 1:19 “and his incomparably great power for us who believe”

This power is not for angels, it is not for people in the world or anyone or anything else, ONLY for us who BELIEVE!

When Moses brought the people of Israel out of Egypt he had a staff which wrought great and miraculous acts but now we have something much greater than Moses’ staff (Exodus 7:8+; 14:16), we have the enormous, immeasurable, incomparable power that raised Christ from the dead (Ephesians 1:19b)-21).

The amazing fact is that this victory was not accomplished for heavens benefit but rather for OUR benefit! God didn’t need to establish his authority over the world or the devil as he is the creator of the world and as we know, the created object cannot be greater than its creator. Also, his authority over the devil was accomplished at the beginning when Satan was tossed out of God’s presence (Isaiah 14:12-15). Christ was raised from the dead and lifted into the heavenlies not to ‘establish’ heavens power but to ‘establish’ power for US who BELIEVE in Christ! We know this because he tells us in Ephesians 1:22 that God has accomplished all this and given us this power for the church, not the building, not the denomination but to the people of God. He has given this power to us who believe (Ephesians 1:19). If you believe in Christ, then this power IS YOURS!

So no matter what you are going through, not matter what is going on in your life, you need to understand, believe and know that God’s immeasurable and incomparably great power is yours in accordance with God’s will for your life. Why struggle in your own strength when you have at your figure tips this limitless power from the heavenlies? If you believe that God raised Christ from the grave, this power is at your disposal to call upon and possess in any situation.


Have a ‘God’ day

Pastor David Holt (MTh)

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